We’re HERE!

This is our first post. We do rentals. Call us. 405.942.0439


4 thoughts on “We’re HERE!

    • Hi Aubrey!
      We are very new, so we don’t have a complete album of photos yet. We encourage anyone who may be interested in renting to visit our showroom in Oklahoma City. If that is something of interest to you, I can give you contact information!


      • well you all arent super close to me, so i kinda wanted to have an idea of what to expect to see if i should come out there. i will try to come by sometime though. what are your hours?

      • Ah I see, well the showroom is connected to our antique store, Ancient of Days. The majority of all items in the showroom and store are for rent. We normally charge about 30% of the purchase price, but that’s flexible as well. Ancient of Days is open Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm and Sunday 1 pm-5 pm and it located at 2844 NW 10th St. OKC, OK 73107 Here’s our website: http://ancientofdaysantiquemall.com/mall%20site_002.htm Let me know if there is anything else I can help with 🙂

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